Bella Sin (Ohio)
Red Rum (Illinois)
Mr. Gorgeous (New York)
Jeez Loueez (Illinois)

Special guests:
The Striped Circus & LA Aerial (Michigan)

The 2017 cast also included performances by:
Bianca Coal (Ohio)
Black-Eyed Bliss (Michigan)
Chaz Boudoir (Colorado)
Delilah Dentata (DC)
Ellie Camino (Michigan)
Florence of A’labia (Illinois)
G. Gordon Libido (Illinois)
Heather and Lace (Illinois)
Hedy Harper (Michigan)
Kevlar B Lightning (Illinois)
Kitten Von Mitten (Michigan)
Kitty & Eris (Ohio)
Kitty T (Illinois)
Krotch Bandikoot (Nevada)
Leena Mynx Allure (Michigan)
Lolo Lombard (Michigan)
LouLou Roxy (Michigan)
Loon A Tik (Nevada)
Lushes LaMoan (Michigan)
Mabel Syrup (Michigan)
May Blush (Nevada)
Miss Brawling Beauty (Utah)
Miss Holly Grail (Ohio)
Miss Holly Hock (Michigan)
Poppy le Pousse (Illinois)
Ruby Spencer (Illinois)
Shrimp Cocktail (Ohio)
Sofia Syntaxx (Michigan)
Tequila Mockingbird (Ohio)
The Irresistible O (Michigan)
Two-Face McBain (Michigan)
Valencia Starling (Kentucky)
Wednesday Wilhelm (Michigan)