MiBF offers Burlesque Workshops!

The Michigan Burlesque Festival is proud to host burlesque workshops lead by some of the most inspirational burlesque performers in the industry.

The workshops offered this year include:

Shake Shake Shake Senora The Art of Great Shimmies with Hank E Panky (12pm)

In this fun paced workout class, Hank E. Panky uses his 9 years of bellydance experience to get people up and moving their bodies in new ways! In conjunction with light aerobics and movement, you will go through different isolation exercises to get you to hone your shimmy talents. You will do strengthening exercises for your shoulders, chest, back, and hips to get you on that stage wowing people with a newfound confidence in your whiles, whatever they may be!


Dirty Moves! – Burlesque Dance with Dirty Martini (2:00pm)

Join Classically trained dancer Miss Dirty Martini as she breaks down the basics of burlesque dance for dancers of all levels. Perfect for those students who have not experienced a movement class before, Miss Martini introduces the classical dance class structure in a friendly and positive atmosphere to get anyone ready for their first or five hundredth turn around a stage. Class starts with a warm up emphasizing movement based in jazz, ballet and Middle Eastern dance techniques that strengthen the abdominal core and help to promote an economy of movement within the body. Proper alignment and coordination is the focus while students learn how to shake what theyve got and carry it with pride. The class progresses with exercises developed to enhance proper deportment and stage presence enhancing each persons individuality. The building blocks of burlesque choreography are emphasized while students learn a short routine to Miss Martinis striptease music favorites.


Fabulous is a state of mind by Foxy Tann (4pm)

Sometimes a girl has GOT to be fabulous! Whether it be on stage, in the boardroom, or at a podium, there are times when a woman has gotta be larger than life. The Fox is offering an exciting and fun way to get in touch with a truthful inner confidence using burlesque as a framework. You will create and use pathways and methodologies that will help you forge a more sexy and confident you in an authentic and organic way allowing you to tap into show stopping energy whenever you need it. Work with what you have and love what you work with! Its a physical class with guided discussions and critiques in a safe, supportive environment. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move!


Workshops are only offered on Saturday, September 22nd. For information on classes and to register, please visit: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3598829

About Michigan Burlesque Festival

Bringing the burlesque community to Michigan for a spectacular and glitter filled show
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