Apoth Eclipse
Black Eyed Bliss
Boobs Radley
Bunny Valentine
Chaz Boudoir
Dahlia D’Luxe
Dish Delish
Ed Venture
Eliza Sidecar
Fae La Flame/Eastside Fire Tribe
Felina Mistemper
G. Gordon Libido
Gin Fizz
Ginger Rockwood
Honey La Fae
Jadeybug/Sunshine Fire Entertainment
Josephine Rebellious
Kevlar B Lightning
Kinsey Quake
Kitty Bourree
Kitty Hawkk
Leena Mynx Allure
Lilly Rascal
Lolo Lombard
Loon A Tik
Lottie Ellington
Lushes LaMoan
Mabel Syrup
Miss Holly Hock
Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation
Monet MaCabaret
Nada Von Darling
Nakita Kat
Ophelia Coeur de Noir
Prima Vera
Shrimp Cocktail
Sofia Syntaxx
Striped Circus
Two-Face McBain
Vince V. Vice

with special guests:
Konrad Lee – Lounge Singer Extraordinaire
and Detroit’s Own Satori Circus

About Michigan Burlesque Festival

Bringing the burlesque community to Michigan for a spectacular and glitter filled show
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