With so much love.

We just want to give the biggest thanks and shout outs to all the amazing performers, techs, volunteers and crew that participated in the 2014 Michigan Burlesque Festival. You are all so talented, and we are still in awe of all of your performances and hard work. You are all an inspiration, and we were so happy to have you all. We hope to see you again next year!!

We would like to also thank all of the vendors that came out to sell their goodies. We hope you had a successful weekend, and we would also love to have you back next year!

Foxy Tann, we have no words for you. Well maybe a few. You are just an amazing and powerful person, and we are so honored that you came to the mitten again to be part of our madness. The show would never be the same without you. And your workshop was amazing! Thank you for helping us be a little more fabulous.

To all of our extremely talented headliners for this years festival (Cruel Valentine, Satori Circus, Pinch & Squeal, and Red Hot Annie), you were all phenomenal on stage and off. We couldn’t have asked for a better set of headliners for this years festival. Thank you for making this weekend extra special. We hope you all had a great time.

Lushes Lamoan, we want to personally thank you for all you help with our random questions all year. And for being an awesome representative of the festival. Your workshop was just a blast, and your performances (as always) were just extraordinary. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, and we just adore you.

All of our amazing sponsors, we can’t thank you enough! You have helped us make bring magic to Detroit. Your donations gave us the chance to be able to double the festivals size and glamour, and we hope that we did you all proud.

Thanks again to the Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit, for letting us come back in to your venue and for all of the work you put in to help us get ready and run the show.

And the biggest THANK YOU of all goes out to you, the superb folk who came out and watched the shows (including burlesque legend and mama, Toni Elling!!!!). You were such an amazing crowd, and we just can’t thank you enough for supporting what we do. All of these performers and crew work their tail feathers off for you, and your glowing appreciation is what makes it all worth while. You are the reason we do what we do. So again, from the bottom of our glittery hears, thank you.






About Michigan Burlesque Festival

Bringing the burlesque community to Michigan for a spectacular and glitter filled show
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