Introducing the cast!

The cast for the 2014 Michigan Burlesque Festival include acclaimed performers from all over America. We are honored to have all of them at this year’s festival because we know they will keep you on the edge of your chairs, and shouting for more. We have hand picked the cast to make sure you get the full spectrum of the burlesque community.

Be prepared, Detroit.

The weekend will include these talented performers:

Ava Adore (Ohio)
Bella Sin (Ohio)
Cruel Valentine (Illinois)
Cynder Ella (Missouri)
Dahlia D’Luxe (Ohio)
Dahlia Fatale (Illinois)
Dish Delish (Michigan)
Dot King (Ohio)
Eliza Sidecar (Ohio)
FiFi Switchblade (Texas)
Florence of Alabia (Michigan)
Furvus Mendaxxx (Michigan)
Gala Delicious (Michigan)
Gin Fizz (Illinois)
Hot Honey LaFae (Michigan)
Lilly Rascal (Illinois)
Loretta Jean (Ontario)
Lottie Ellington (Virginia)
Lula Loops (Michigan)
Luna Legare (Michigan)
Lushes LaMoan (Michigan)
Mabel Syrup (Michigan)
Madame Fortuna (Illinois)
Maddie Moiselle (Iowa)
Marci Vousplait (Illinois)
Marinara Stardust (New York)
Mia D. Vine (Illinois)
Mickie Sinn (Texas)
Midnight Joy (Texas)
Miss Claira Bell (Wisconsin)
Miss Holly Hock (Michigan)
Monet MaCabaret (Michigan)
Nerd Girl Burlesque (Ontario)
Ophelia Coeur de Noir (California)
Pinch & Squeal (Ohio)
Rasa Vitalia (California)
Red Hot Annie (Illinois)
Sadie O’Swirl (Illinois)
Satori Circus (Michigan)
Stella Cheeks (Illinois)
Tallulah Moonshine (Ohio)
Valencia Starling (Michigan)
Vaudezilla Inc. (Illinois)
Velveeta the Cheetah (Michigan)
Vince V. Vice (Wisconsin)
Willy LaQueue (Illinois)
Zara Estelle (Illinois)

And of course our weekend hostess with the mostess, the vibrant Foxy Tann (from Minnesota).

About Michigan Burlesque Festival

Bringing the burlesque community to Michigan for a spectacular and glitter filled show
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