The Biggest of Thank Yous!!

We want to give the biggest shout out to everyone who made this years burlesque festival what is was….. EPIC!

So THANK YOU to all the performers, volunteers, crew, staff, sponsors, venue, and most of all… the audience! We hope to see you all again next year. 😀


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MiBF honors Detroit Burlesque Legend

It is our privilege this year to honor one of Detroit’s own burlesque legends and burly “mama”, the amazing and inspirational Toni Elling!!!

Detroit born, Toni began performing in the early ’60s and repeatedly broke barriers as a woman of color. Music was always a big part of Toni’s life. She entwined her musical talents into her performances and became friends with many musical greats including Jackie Wilson and Sammy Davis, Jr.. Her friendship with jazz great Duke Ellington earned her the monikers “The Duke’s Delight” and “The Satin Doll”.

Toni Elling continues to travel and inspire burlesque performers across the United States, and was honored as the Burlesque Hall of Fame Legend of the Year in 2014. Miss Elling has been a guest of honor at the Michigan Burlesque Festival since its inaugural year in 2012, and this year she will be presented with an award of recognition for her continuous inspiration and for opening so many doors for future burlesque dancers of color. Michigan is proud to have such an amazing woman as a representative of burlesque. The award ceremony will take place at the festival on Saturday, September 22nd.


(pictured below: producers Mabel Syrup and Valencia Starling present Toni Elling with award of recognition)


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MiBF offers Burlesque Workshops!

The Michigan Burlesque Festival is proud to host burlesque workshops lead by some of the most inspirational burlesque performers in the industry.

The workshops offered this year include:

Shake Shake Shake Senora The Art of Great Shimmies with Hank E Panky (12pm)

In this fun paced workout class, Hank E. Panky uses his 9 years of bellydance experience to get people up and moving their bodies in new ways! In conjunction with light aerobics and movement, you will go through different isolation exercises to get you to hone your shimmy talents. You will do strengthening exercises for your shoulders, chest, back, and hips to get you on that stage wowing people with a newfound confidence in your whiles, whatever they may be!


Dirty Moves! – Burlesque Dance with Dirty Martini (2:00pm)

Join Classically trained dancer Miss Dirty Martini as she breaks down the basics of burlesque dance for dancers of all levels. Perfect for those students who have not experienced a movement class before, Miss Martini introduces the classical dance class structure in a friendly and positive atmosphere to get anyone ready for their first or five hundredth turn around a stage. Class starts with a warm up emphasizing movement based in jazz, ballet and Middle Eastern dance techniques that strengthen the abdominal core and help to promote an economy of movement within the body. Proper alignment and coordination is the focus while students learn how to shake what theyve got and carry it with pride. The class progresses with exercises developed to enhance proper deportment and stage presence enhancing each persons individuality. The building blocks of burlesque choreography are emphasized while students learn a short routine to Miss Martinis striptease music favorites.


Fabulous is a state of mind by Foxy Tann (4pm)

Sometimes a girl has GOT to be fabulous! Whether it be on stage, in the boardroom, or at a podium, there are times when a woman has gotta be larger than life. The Fox is offering an exciting and fun way to get in touch with a truthful inner confidence using burlesque as a framework. You will create and use pathways and methodologies that will help you forge a more sexy and confident you in an authentic and organic way allowing you to tap into show stopping energy whenever you need it. Work with what you have and love what you work with! Its a physical class with guided discussions and critiques in a safe, supportive environment. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move!


Workshops are only offered on Saturday, September 22nd. For information on classes and to register, please visit:

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Tickets for the 6th Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival, featuring Miss Holly Hock, Hank E Panky, Dirty Martini and dozens more, are now on sale!!

Advanced General Admission is $20
Advanced VIP (front row seats) is $35 (Friday still available)
General Admission tickets will be available at the door the day of the shows for $30

Get your tickets HERE!!

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2018 MiBF Performers

We are thrilled to have these performers joining us for the 6th Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival, September 21-22nd at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit.

Ada Vice (Michigan)
ALLurrr’em VelvIT (Minnesota)
Autumn Flaunt ‘Em (Colorado)
Ava Adore (Ohio)
Céleste Vé Dette (Michigan)
Chaz Boudoir (Colorado)
Clara Blows/Rogue Burlesque (Massachusetts)
Dish Delish (Michigan)
Dotty Dart and Loretta La Rioux (Michigan)
Eileen Galvin (Ohio)
Ellie Camino (Michigan)
Ember Blaize (Louisiana)
Florence of A’Labia (Illinois)
G. Gordon Libido (Illinois)
Hannah the Hatchet & Erin the Axe (New York)
HBK (Michigan)
Hermione Stranger (Michigan)
Itty Bitty Twitty (Ohio)
Jean Wildest (Illinois)
Kevlar B Lightning (Illinois)
Kitten Von Mitten (Michigan)
Kitty and Eris (Ohio)
Lady Sirène (Michigan)
LaFemme D’Fury (Michigan)
Leena Mynx Allure (Michigan)
Lilith Von Tal (Michigan)
Lottie a la West (Illinois)
Lottie Larouge (New Mexico)
Lulu Munroe (Massachusetts)
Margot Lugosi (Indiana)
Miss Claira Bell (Illinois)
Mona Minx (Michigan)
Monet Ma Cabaret (Illinois)
Ms. Coco Blu (New Mexico)
Phaedra Black (Illinois)
Poppy Poison (Ohio)
Robyn Swing (Minnesota)
Ruby La Louche (Michigan)
Scarlette Two-Face (Michigan)
Tommy Gun (Michigan)
Veda DeVille (Indiana)
Veronica Lockhart (Michigan)
Viola Volta (Toronto)
Wednesday Wilhelm (Michigan)

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2018 MiBF Headliners

We are honored to welcome our 2018 headliners for the 6th Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival:

Michigan’s own Strawberry Vixen, Miss Holly Hock, who is a multi-award winning performer as well as the Headmistress of the Detroit School of Burlesque, Troupe Leader of Detroit Grand Cabaret and producer of Speakeasy Sundays Monthly Burlesque Revue. She draws much of her inspiration from bygone eras and the glamour of old Hollywood. She has helped create a larger burlesque community and overall appreciation in Southeast Michigan through her hard work and opening of the Detroit School of Burlesque.

Joining us will also be Hank E. Panky who hails from Kansas City, and just LOVES to be your naked storyteller. His page turning bumps and grinds, whether comedic, sensual, or theatrical, will have you reading him from cover to cover. He promises to always deliver you a happy ending. Hank E. Panky is the current reigning King of San Antonio Burlesque and Mr. Leading Man of Hollywood Burlesque. He is also the recipient of the Byrd Productions Physical Theater Scholarship.

and it is our honor to host a one-of-a-kind international burlesque superstar, the sensational DIRTY MARTINI!!! She hails from New York City, and holds the reigning title of Queen of Burlesque – Miss Exotic World 2004, and has been voted as #1 influential burlesque performer from 2009-2012, and 2016 on 21st Century Burlesque, from fans worldwide. She has currently been seen in Detroit with Dita Von Teese’s tour – The Art of the Teese, and we look forward to having her back in town for BOTH NIGHTS of the Michigan Burlesque Festival!!! Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most celebrated personalities in burlesque!

Tickets will go on sale July 15th.


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Looking for performers for the 6th Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival!

Applications to the 6th Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival are now open!!!!! 😀

We are looking for:
Burlesque, boylesque, drag, aerialists, fire performers, circus performers, sideshow, comedians, belly dancers, acrobats, clowns, vaudevillians, magicians, performance artists and anything in between!!

Come be part of Michigan’s one-of-a-kind international burlesque and variety showcase. Must be 18+ to apply. Applications close June 15th.

Apply here —>

Headliners this year include:
* Michigan’s own Holly Hock!
* Hank E. Panky from Kansas City!!
* & we are honored to have the incredible Dirty Martini from New York City, who will be joining us for both nights!!!!


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